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We’re tutoring at Harbor House!

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Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service is Tutoring for Everyone!

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Welcome to Learning with Grace!

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Let Us Help Your Family With Support and Kindness

If you have been searching for a teacher who will teach, train, equip, and nurture your child's academic needs, you have come to the right place. montage of pictures of school subjects Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service is founded by teachers and mothers, who offer over 128 years of dedicated teaching in the field of education.

As working mothers, we know the sense of frustration you feel as your child slips behind in schoolwork, assignments, and self-esteem. Is your child unorganized? Do they miss school deadlines; not give you assignments until a day or two before the final report? Are you upset with your child's grades in math? Science? Worried about his or her upcoming SAT test? In other words, is your once happy child's motivation down to zero? We can help! We are here!

From extra support to extra enrichment

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Our teachers have the expertise to work with you and your child to provide an outstanding difference to your child's overall academic life. We offer K-12 instruction in math, English, sciences, reading, reading comprehension, foreign languages, organization, study habits for school, family, life!

We answer your immediate school needs

You won't have to wait to find a teacher in the State of Maryland! Just call Mrs. Dowd today, and we will ask you several questions. We will ask you things like: what grade is your child in, what are her strengths and weaknesses? Do they have an IEP? Have their grades dropped in more than one semester this school year? Once you answer these simple questions, we will move forward quickly to assign you a teacher. Call us now at 301.345.3693!

What is the best investment for your child?

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school, but there are limits on your time and limits to what the classroom teacher can do. We are here to be of help. As peaceful advocates, we work with you, your child, the school, school counselors, faculty, in short, everyone involved in your son or daughter's school life. Why? We only have a short time with our children, and then we are preparing them for college. Why not make these the best years for them, both academically, and emotionally. Good grades give children a great sense of accomplishment. Call us today, we are waiting to serve you!


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