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Where We Tutor

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Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service
NCLB Approved


Home Schoolers

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8413 Cunningham Drive
Berwyn Heights, MD 20740


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Libraries are a great place for tutoring: resources are always nearby.


Currently we serve students in two settings, at local libraries or at the student's home, with an adult present. Stay tuned for additional locations.

Summer Projects and Assignments

MDTS is offering adventures for students this summer! To register or information, call 240.447.1817 or email our office.

Liberty Adventure

three boys holding graduation certificates June 23, 2008 - July 10, 2008

Liberty Adventure I: Stay tuned for details early in 2011!

Liberty Adventure II: Stay tuned for details early in 2011!

Big Party: July 3rd for all students who complete the program. Party always includes project displays, skits, and food, lots of food, and fun times!

boy running a race

Fun in the Sun

Stay tuned for details early in 2011!

Big Party: Cookout for all the kids and their families.


We will be moving into other states soon. Our plan is to encourage teachers to contact us, take our training, and become Mrs. Dowd's Teaching Service Associates. Please check out our current openings, too.